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A Research Initiative to Capture Stories about the Cambridge Experience in America

Cambridge Assessment has contracted with Amy Jarich, an expert in US undergraduate admissions processes, to conduct focus groups that explore perceptions and opportunities attached to the Cambridge Assessment curriculum in US schools. The primary focus of the work centers on the transition years at the end of high school and the potential for college admission and success. We are interested in talking to both people who know Cambridge well and those who have little or no knowledge of the Cambridge offerings in the US.

Beginning in February and running through March, Amy will convene virtual focus groups of ten or fewer participants. Discussions in these focus groups will be used to inform a report to stakeholders on both perceptions and opportunities in the US.

You are invited to participate – and to encourage others to participate.

  • Why? As Cambridge continues to grow and evolve in the US, it is important to capture current success and look for opportunities for growth. The stories of Cambridge experiences through various lenses will serve as an important touchstone.
  • Who? Any Cambridge faculty/administrator, current Cambridge or non-Cambridge student (ideally in 10-12 grades), current Cambridge or non-Cambridge parent/guardian, and former Cambridge students (ideally graduated within the past five years).
  • What? A 60-minute guided conversation about the Cambridge curriculum. No preparation required after completing registration. Every participant will receive a $15 Amazon gift card as recognition for their time.
  • When? A series of dates are available, starting in mid-February and concluding by the end of March 2021. Choose convenient dates through the Doodle polls below. Where? All focus groups will be virtual via Zoom (with waiting room enabled for security).
  • How? All participants must first complete the appropriate Doodle poll below. Participants can choose as many dates as they like and must provide an email and mailing address (preferably a school address). Amy will respond with more details, confirm a final date, and collect consent documents.