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Quarter 1 School Newsletter

2017 1st Quarter Newsletter.

Pasco High School

“On Track” Overview 2017-2018

1st Qtr “On-Track” status will be based on cumulative GPA (Grades 10-12) and missing textbooks/library materials (all grades) The criteria for next quarter will also include behavior, attendance, and tardies. More information is located inside this packet.

If you are “On-Track” you will be issued a band that allows you various incentives and privileges.

– Eating outside at lunch

– Snacks

– Drawings

– Pep rallies and dances

– Special school events

– Field Trips

– You MAY NOT leave or wander campus with an “on track” band

Follow Mr. Melvin on Twitter @PHS_MrMelvin for more information. #shipped

If you are not “On-Track”……

– Complete the contract by the date specified

– Satisfy the terms of the contract by the specified date

– It is your responsibility to produce the necessary documentation and submit by the deadline

– If you feel there is an error, email Mr. Melvin


– Do Not Lose the Band – You will be issued 1 band per quarter

– Do Not Share Bands

– If you are not “On Track”, but are caught utilizing a band, you will lose

the ability to be on track for that quarter.

– Band colors change each quarter

– You can wear your band on your wrist, backpack, keychain,

etc, but you must display it when eating outside or when

school events require an “on track” band.

– Your band and privileges can be revoked at any time by an


Pasco High School On Track Critera

On Track Contract


School Menu

Meal Calendar Viewer

MealViewer makes navigating the school breakfast and lunch menus a breeze! Next school year we will be replacing Nutrislice with MealViewer. Parents can search and favor multiple schools to help keep track of what’s being served at each location. Students can like their favorite meal choices and quickly see when they will be served again. Allergen icons are easily recognizable to help accommodate those with dietary restrictions. An interactive carb calculator is also available to make eating in the lunch room easy & fun!

Want to know if your school will be open for summer feeding? Download the app or check out the MealViewer website to find out! If they are not, the site will help you locate the nearest summer feeding location. You will also be able to see what delicious meals we will be offering this summer.

Visit to select your school(s).

My School BucksPay for school meals, check balances, and view purchases right from your very own computer. Visit to create an account today. Download the mobile app so you can stay up to date and connected while on the go. You can also schedule automatic payments so that your child never goes without lunch money.



My Pasco Connect – Available August 29th

Parents and students, My Pasco Connect will be available to you on August 29th. Click here to sign up.


Health Inspection Report May 2016



Remind 101 – New Communication Tool”

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