Pasco High School Community Resources 

School Safety Resources 


Pasco High School is committed to school safety and abides by the following best practices: 

  • Locking classroom doors during school hours
  • Controlling visitor access via a single point of entry
  • Screening all campus visitors
  • Empowering staff to activate emergency response protocols
  • Identifying safe spaces in classrooms ahead of time
  • Providing emergency covers for all windows
  • Ensuring each student has a trusted adult
  • Coordinating with first responders before a campus emergency
  • Staff presence on campus throughout the day

For additional resources please visit the FLDOE website here


Student Graduation Resources 



Student Graduation Requirements are outlined by the FLDOE in this document

Further information on FLDOE graduation requirements can be found here

For an individualized review of your student’s progress, please schedule an appointment with their school counselor




Summer Review Resources


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