Parking Information & Policies

Student Parking Canvas Class

If you would like to take the online SAFE Driving class through Canvas please email Ms. Roberts at  and include your student number.

Parking Information & Policies

How to I register for parking?

  1. Complete the registration form at this link PARKING LINK
  2. Complete the S.A.F.E Driver course on canvas. An email invite will be sent upon completion of the form above
  3. Complete payment of $40 with Ms. Roberts in the admin building before/after school or during lunch. Parking Passes will not be sold at any other time
  4. Display your parking pass on your vehicle at ALL TIMES

Your parking pass grants you parking in the student lot where you will be expected to park in the closest available spot to the school as possible. Intentionally parking in the rear of the lot will be considered a violation of parking rules and procedures and will carry consequences

Students who are eligible to drive according to Florida law and attendance standards are allowed to park on campus by purchasing a parking tag. All student drivers are expected to follow all parking procedures and policies, including fully registering the car with the school and attending the “Safe Behind the Wheel” driving course. Parking at Pasco High School is considered a privilege and these policies should be completely read and understood before purchasing a tag.

Students are NOT permitted to go to their vehicles during the school day. The gates will be locked after 1st period until the end of 6th period. If this causes an issue with your schedule because you are off campus more than 1st and 6th periods, you will need to park in the baseball field parking lot.

Students must understand that driving an automobile to PHS and parking on school property is a privilege and not a right. PHS retains the right to revoke parking privileges at any time during the school year for violations of the Student Code of Conduct or the Parking Procedures. This includes violations of the attendance policy. Hangtags may be revoked by the school for failure to follow school rules. This may include but is not limited to, leaving campus without permission, being in the parking lot without permission, excessive absences/tardiness to school, and/or extreme discipline issues.

All students must display the parking hangtag on the bottom front left of the windshield at all times. Students who park their car at school without permission or in an unauthorized location are subject to being towed at their own expense.

Be aware that upon reasonable suspicion students, lockers, cars, or other areas may be searched for prohibited or illegally possessed substances or objects.