Cyesis Program Information

What is Cyesis? Cyesis is a Greek word that means “pregnancy”.  But, here at PHS, it has a different meaning: 


Complete Your Education; Stay In School 


Cyesis Teen Parent Program is a program specifically designed to support pregnant or parenting high school students to keep them on track for graduation. PHS has a full-service daycare on our campus which is offered at no cost to the teen parent or their family. Mrs. Laverne Simmons, Daycare Director, oversees a staff of state-certified teachers with over 60 years combined experience in the care of infants and children. These teachers care for the littlest Pirates while Mom and/or Dad are in class. Students may enroll their children at 4 weeks of age and they may remain in the daycare until the PHS student graduates or 3 years of age. Students with children that exceed the age of 4 will be eligible for Early Head Start in one of our community schools.


In addition to the daycare, students in the Cyesis program take courses that align with their parenting status; Health of the Expectant Parent, Parenting 1 & Parenting 2. In the Expectant Parent class, students will learn about their pregnancy, the development of their baby, and the childbirth process. The Parenting 1 & 2 courses teach our young parents the skills to care for their child and cover topics such as community/consumer health, nutrition & cooking, child development, budgeting, and how to utilize community resources. These Health courses are taught by Mrs. Amber Meyers, Registered Nurse/Teacher. Mrs. Meyers is a Labor/Delivery, Postpartum, and Pediatric Nurse with a passion for these unique students and their children.


All Cyesis students, whether pregnant or expecting, have lunch together in the Cyesis kitchen. This time is spent with parents feeding and interacting with their children while allowing the students to interact socially with each other. 


The goal for all Cyesis students is graduation from high school. We believe that supporting teen parents and their children by teaching them life skills in conjunction with their regular academic classes will set them up for success in the future. 


East side Pasco County students in who are pregnant or already parents are eligible for the program. West Side students are eligible to enroll in the River Ridge High School Cyesis program. 


Students interested in participating in the Cyesis program at PHS should contact Mrs. Meyers, Cyesis Nurse/Teacher at or 352-524-5440.

Students interested in participating in the Cyesis program at PHS should contact Mrs. Meyers, Cyesis Nurse/Teacher


Daily Schedule Infant Room

Arrival Time/Diaper Check,
Hand washing & Floor Time
Breakfast 7:45-8:30
Outside/Playground/Rainy day Activity 8:30-9:15
Group Time/Music Bottles9:15-9:45
Bottles/Diaper Check9:45-10:15
Diaper Check/ Hand washing Bottles/Reading10:15-10:47
Lunch Time 10:47-11:21
Diaper Check/Parents 11:21-11:30
Quiet Time/Soft Music 11:30-1:30
Diaper Check/Hand washing Bottles1:30-1:45
Bottles/Snacks 1:45-2:18
Nursery Dismissal2:18

Daily Schedule Toddler Room

Arrival Time/Diaper Check/Potty/ Free Play7:15-7:30
Free Play7:30-7:55
Free play, Center time, Potty/Diaper Check 8:30-9:00
Group Time/Music9:00-9:30
Outside/Playground/Rainey Day Activity9:30-10:15
Diaper Check/Potty. Hand-washing/Reading 10:15-10:47
Diaper Check/Potty Parents 11:21-11:30
Quiet Time/Soft Music11:30-1:30
Diaper Check/Potty Handwashing/Activity1:30-1:45
Nursery Dismissal2:18

Special events students have an opportunity to participate in while in the Cyesis program:

October Parade
November Thanksgiving Feast
December Visit from Santa
January Visit the Ag barn
February Valentines card exchange
March Dr. Seuss Birthday
April Easter Egg Hunt
May Water Play Day on Playground