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NAACP Scholarship
DEADLINE                5-1-19
DESCRIPTION      Senior who plans to continue their education after graduation.     
AMOUNT                3 – $1,000.00  
CONTACT          Pasco NAACP, P. O. Box 498   Dade City, FL 33526
INSTRUCTIONS    Application can be found in the CRC.

National Aviation Academy’s Charles E. Taylor Scholarship
DEADLINE                 5-3-19
DESCRIPTION        For graduating seniors who plan to attend National Aviation Academy 
AMOUNT                   15 @ $1,000.00

INSTRUCTIONS       Applications are available online at

The Lucile Rom Altruistic Scholarship
DEADLINE                5-10-19
DESCRIPTION        This scholarship is for an altruistic senior who demonstrates academic achievement, integrity and leadership while also giving back by making a difference in the lives of his or her family, school, and/or community.
AMOUNT                    $500
CONTACT              Lucile Rom
INSTRUCTIONS   You may use your Pasco County Foundation Scholarship application or pick up an application in the Career Resource Center.  Please attach:
a copy of your transcript
and if you are NOT using your Pasco County Foundation application, also attach an essay on how you have made a difference in the lives of your family, school, and/or community. 
All completed applications should be turned into Ms. Edwards no later than 5/10/19.

The Daniel Brown/Steven Villareal Scholarship
DEADLINE                 5-17-19
DESCRIPTION       Graduating seniors who plan to attend a university, college or technical school 
AMOUNT                 2 @ $500  
CONTACT               Ms. Edwards   General Applications are available in the CRC  Or The Pasco Education Foundation

B Davis Scholarship
DEADLINE                  5/24/19
DESCRIPTION           Junior and seniors who plan to pursue post secondary education.
INSTRUCTIONS        Applications are available online at

Career Resource Center Scholarship Information
DEADLINE             Varies
DESCRIPTION      #1 Children of UPS employees or retirees
                               #2 Students with disabilities who will attend one of the 12 state universities.  
AMOUNT               Varies
CONTACT              Sharon L. Wood, 561-659-2005
INSTRUCTIONS     Applications are available online at