Student schedules, emergency cards, and parent consent forms will be available via the parent portal on 7/31/24.  Create a parent portal at


1. Transcript request forms are in the front office. You can also print this one TRANSCRIPT REQUEST FORM,  fill it out and submit it to the front office.

2. All transcripts being sent to PUBLIC colleges in the state of Florida can be sent electronically. All you have to do is write the name of the college or check it off if it is already listed.

3. All transcripts being sent to OUT OF STATE colleges or PRIVATE colleges in or out of Florida will have to be mailed. On the form is a space for YOU to fill out the address of the school. Then we will mail out the transcript. *The district does not allow us to send transcripts through SendEdu, any of these requests will have to be mailed.

4. If the school is requesting a “Secondary School Report” or “School Profile” be sent WITH the transcript than you will need to fill out a transcript request form and write on the top “PLEASE GIVE TRANSCRIPT TO MRS. EDWARDS”. Then Mrs. Edwards will include the Report and mail out the transcript.