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National Co-Op Scholarship Program

DESCRIPTION: Graduating seniors who have a 3.5 GPA and apply for the 2018-2019 academic year at one of the WACE Partner Institutions.
AMOUNT: varies
CONTACT: Marty Ford at
INSTRUCTIONS: Applications are available online at

C/O 1967 Scholarship

DEADLINE: 3-2-2018
DESCRIPTION:  Open to seniors who excel plan to major in veterinary medicine and a vocational certification/degree.
AMOUNT:  2 – $1,000.00
CONTACT: Ms. Edwards
INSTRUCTIONS: General Applications are available in the CRC.

WREC Educational Foundation Scholarship

DEADLINE: 3-14-2018
DESCRIPTION:  A senior who has a 2.0 GPA and plans to further their education after graduation. Must be a member of WREC.
AMOUNT:  $2,750.00/renewable 4 years
CONTACT: or Ms. Edwards
INSTRUCTIONS:  Applications are available online at or in the CRC.

The Right Fit Foundation

DEADLINE: 4-30-2018
DESCRIPTION: A senior who has a 3.0 GPA and plans to further their education after graduation.
AMOUNT:  $5,000
CONTACT:  The Right Fit Foundation
INSTRUCTIONS: Applications are available online at

Suntrust “Off To College” Scholarship Sweepstakes

DEADLINE: 05-14-2018
DESCRIPTION: ALL SENIORS!!! No GPA or financial need requirement.
AMOUNT:  2 – $500 scholarship winners every 2 weeks
INSTRUCTIONS: Applications are available online at

Abbott and Fenner Scholarship

DEADLINE: 6-14-18
DESCRIPTION: Open to all Juniors and Seniors.  Must submit an essay Describe your educational career and life goals.
AMOUNT:  $1,000.00
CONTACT:  Grant Parker, Abbott and Fenner, Inc.
INSTRUCTIONS: Applications are available online.

 Trinity Rotary Scholarship

DEADLINE: 3-31-2018
DESCRIPTION: Student msut be a senior and attending school in Pasco County.
CONTACT: Candace Glewen, 727-992-0034 or
INSTRUCTIONS: Applications are available in the CRC.

Football/Cheer Booster Club Scholarship

DEADLINE: 5-13-2018
DESCRIPTION: PHS Senior continuing their education, 2.5 GPA and participated in at least one full football/cheerleading season at PHS.
AMOUNT:  1 @ $2,000.00 ; 1 @ $1,000.00 ; 4 @ $500.00
CONTACT: Ms. Edwards, CRC

American Assoc. of Blacks in Energy

DEADLINE: 3-15-2018
DESCRIPTION: Graduating African American, Hispanic & Native American senior who plans to continue their education and major in business, physcial science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Students must have a 3.0 GPA.
AMOUNT:  Varies
CONTACT: Derick Farfan,
INSTRUCTIONS: Applications are availble in the CRC or on the website

Florida Hospital Zephyrhills

DEADLINE: 3-01-2018
DESCRIPTION: Seniors who plan to continue their education in the medical field.  Must have 200 volunteer hours at FHZ.
AMOUNT:  $250.00
CONTACT: FHZ, Volunteer Services Office813-779-6526
INSTRUCTIONS: Applications are available in the CRC. 

2018 Black History Month Art and Essay Contest

DEADLINE: 03-02-2018
DESCRIPTION: Essay contest is open to all students, 9-12. Students will write about an African-American scientist, inventor, scholar, or educator and his or her influence on Florida. Write your essay in a way that demosntrates a deep understanding of the topic and historical context.
AMOUNT:  Four-year Florida College Plan Scholarship
INSTRUCTIONS: Contest forms are available at

The Daniel Brown/Steven Villareal Memorial Scholarships

DEADLINE: 04-13-2018
DESCRIPTION: Graduating seniors who plan to attend a university, college, or technical school.
AMOUNT:  2@$500.00
CONTACT: Ms. Edwards
INSTRUCTIONS: General Applications are vailable in the CRC or The Pasco Education Foundation