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2018 Hispanic Heritage Month Student Art & Essay
DEADLINE                 10-15-18
DESCRIPTION           Students in grades 9-12 are eligible for the essay portion of the contest Using several sources with varying points of view, write about a Hispanic scientist, inventor, scholar or educator and their influence on Florida
AMOUNT                    4-Year Florida Pre-Paid Tuition
CONTACT          Submissions can be made online

Wendy’s Heisman Scholarship
DEADLINE                            10-17-2018
DESCRIPTION                      A senior who has a 3.0 GPA and participates in a sport and serves as a leader on the PHS campus. AMOUNT                               varies
CONTACT                              Ms. Edwards, CRC
INSTRUCTIONS                    Applications are available online at

The John M. Belk Davidson University Scholarship
DEADLINE                 11-1-18
DESCRIPTION          Seniors who exhibit leadership, and scholarship. Students must apply and attend Davidson University
AMOUNT                    $65,000
CONTACT                   Ms. Edwards
INSTRUCTIONS         See Ms. Edwards

Elk’s National Foundation Scholarship
DEADLINE                            11-15-2018
DESCRIPTION                      Seniors who exhibit leadership, scholarship, and financial need.
AMOUNT                               1st Place: Two $50,000 awards for a total of  $100,000 2nd Place: Two $40,000 awards for a total of                                                            $80,000 3rd Place: Two $30,000 awards for a total of $60,000 4th Place: Fourteen $20,000 awards for a                                                      total of $280,000 Runners Up: 480  $4,000 awards for a total of  $1,920,000.
INSTRUCTIONS                    Applications are available online.

Horatio Alger Association
DEADLINE               11-15-2018
DESCRIPTION         Senior who plans to pursue and complete a bachelor’s degree, demonstrates financial need, is involved in co-                                            curricular and community activities, and overcomes adversity.
AMOUNT                  $6,000-$25,000.00
INSTRUCTIONS       Apply at

Jack Cooke Kent Foundation
DEADLINE                  11-20-2018
DESCRIPTION           Graduating senior who plans to attend a four-year university, unweighted 3.5 GPA and SAT score of 1200 or ACT                                        Composite of 26 and demonstrate financial need.
AMOUNT                    $Varies
CONTACT          or call 800-941-3300
INSTRUCTIONS        Applications are available online at

Project Weather Scholarship
DEADLINE                  01-07-2019
DESCRIPTION           A senior who has excelled in science and has a 3.5 GPA
AMOUNT                    $1,000.00
CONTACT                   Debby Clues, Spectrum News, 700 Carillon Parkway, Suite 9, St. Petersburg, FL  33716
INSTRUCTIONS         Applications are available online at

The James (Coach) Day Scholarship
DEADLINE                 2-1-19
DESCRIPTION           Senior who is a track and field active team member participating in the current Bob Hayes Invitational Track and Field Meet.
AMOUNT                    $1000
CONTACT                  Yvonne D. Smith
Bob Hayes Invitational Track Meet, Inc.
1805 N. Myrtle Avenue
Jacksonville, FL  32209
INSTRUCTIONS        Application can be found on

Arts for Life!
DEADLINE               02-04-19
DESCRIPTION         Graduating senior who demonstrates excellence in creative writing, dance, drama, music or the visual arts.
AMOUNT                  $1,000.00
CONTACT                 Lisa Raguso, 850-345-6284 or

The Right Fit Foundation
DEADLINE                 4-30-19
DESCRIPTION           Seniors who have a 3.0 GPA and plan to further their education.
AMOUNT                    $5,000
CONTACT                  813-968-8989
INSTRUCTIONS         Applications are available online at