Graduation Enhancement Program

Mrs. Alyse Webb 

Program Advisors

What is the Graduation Enhancement Program?

A new name devised by the District School Board of Pasco County for Florida’s old Educational Alternatives-Dropout Prevention Program. This program is funded by the Dropout Prevention Act of 1986. The main objective is to keep students on-track for graduation and prevent them from dropping out of school. Today, studies show a high school diploma is valued at $309,000 from K-12.

In Pasco County there are many programs under the Graduation Enhancement Program.

Here at Pasco High, we have two programs: Student Support and Cohort Credit Recovery.

Close Student Support

Student Support and Assistance Program – Believing that all children can learn and that environments conducive to learning can stimulate student success. This program focuses on academic, social, emotional and physical needs of each individual “at-risk” student. For whatever reason, students may become Off Track and At Risk during their school careers. It is the job of the Graduation Enhancement/SSAP teacher to serve as a case manager who develops an Action Plan for each student and monitors his/her attendance and academic progress until graduation. The SSAP teacher will provide academic advisory services, special pull-out programs and communication between home and school.

Cohort Credit Recovery Program

This program was developed as a Tier III intervention to enable more students to meet the requirements for a standard high school diploma and graduate with their cohort class, while addressing students classified as “Off-Track” due to the following barriers:

*Credit Deficiencies


*Not experiencing academic success in the traditional school setting

*Low grade point average (G.P.A)

*Junior and Senior students

This computer-assisted –instruction laboratory setting will be utilized during academic class periods. Online curriculum will include course work in all subject areas to prepare students to demonstrate mastery of Florida student performance standards in any given course. An academic teacher will work with students on improvement of mathematics and language arts skills and progressing through social students and science curriculum.

For further questions about these two Graduation Enhancement Programs housed at Pasco High, please contact Mrs. Webb  at 352-524-5500.



SSAP Permission Slips

Please remember to return SSAP permission slips to Mrs. Webb or Ms. Mahoney If your student was SSAP last year, he/she will be given another permission slip for this year for contact info etc. 

Graduation Status Report

Also being sent home with students are their Graduation Status reports which lets students and parents know their current GPA for Graduation which is their unweighted GPA and number of credits earned. Also shows courses needed to graduate.

Student Conferences

Student Conferences are currently underway in the CCRP- APEX Lab discussing an Action Plan for the upcoming year with areas of focus such as attendance, academics, and/or behavior.

Students are also being encouraged to check Mystudent daily to keep up with assignments and progress.

Parents you too can set up a Mystudent account as well.

CCRP-APEX Lab (Make Up Credits)

Students are encouraged to make up credits in the CCRP-APEX Lab but for underclassmen, they will need to see a counselor to sign up for FLVS online courses. Please see your school counselor. 

ACT/SAT Testing Information

Students who wish to take the ACT or SAT can sign up online. View the ACT/SAT testing schedule and registration information on our school website by clicking here.

Students on Free/Reduced Lunch can obtain only 2 ACT waivers during high school.

Ms.Edwards, Career Specialist has those waivers along with SAT waivers.

Passing the FSA and/or receiving a concordant score on ACT and/or SAT is a graduation requirement. Students must also earn 24 credits with a 2.0 GPA 

As we begin the school year, please remember ALL PHS students should have their own Mystudent accounts and should be checking grades and assignments daily. 

You must LEARN to EARN your Pasco High diploma, so start TODAY!