Online Classes

Online course options:

  1. Students may take online courses during the 6 period school day by requesting a “placeholder” on their schedule. For the period(s) students have a placeholder, he or she will go to the computer lab to work on his or her online classes.
  2. Students also have the option to request a placeholder so they can work on their online classes from home during the school day. For example, if a student has a placeholder 6th period, he or she can leave campus after 5th period to work on their online class. Students/parents are responsible for transportation. Students must make a choice to either work in the computer lab or work at home; they cannot switch back and forth.
  3. Students are also permitted to take online courses over the summer as long as they follow the proper registration procedure outlined below.

Directions for Requesting an Online Class:

1. Students wishing to take an online class with Pasco eSchool and/or FLVS need to make an account with FLVS if they haven’t already done so. Click “Sign Up” and then follow the directions. Make sure you provide a working telephone number and email address.

2. Next, students will fill out the purple Online Course Request form (available from your school counselor) and fill out it out complete with parent signature.

3. Once you have signed up for the class and turned in the form, your counselor will be able to approve your class.

4. Be sure you receive a “welcome call” from eSchool or FLVS. You will not be able to start your class until you speak with your teacher.

PLEASE understand that whatever grade you earn in your online class will stay on your transcript and counts just like a normal class.

Click here to visit the Pasco eSchool website.

Click here to view Pasco eSchool’s Course Catalog.

Benefits of Pasco eSchool:

  • Same great courses as FLVS… and even MORE course options than any other program in the State of Florida
  • Same pace chart requirements (18 weeks per semester course – students are always allowed to work ahead)
  • No waiting lists for course placement
- once guidance approval is given students are classroom assigned within 24 hours.  Students requesting a course with FLVS get placed on a statewide waiting list
  • 28-day grace period, rather than 14 days with FLVS (penalty-free drop period)
  • School-wide success rate of 93%
  • Lower student:teacher ratios
  • Teachers are local and highly qualified.  FLVS teachers have a FL teaching certificate but can be located anywhere in the world.