Study Skills

Tips for improving Study Habits

  1. Pay attention in class and participate.
  2. Ask questions if you don’t understand. There are other students in the class who probably have the same question. If you are still uncomfortable then ask the teacher privately.
  3. Do your homework! If you did ALL of your homework but failed every test, there is a good chance you might still pass the class. However, if you put the effort into your homework there is a good chance you will do much better on the test as well.
  4. Go to tutoring on Tuesday and Thursdays from 2-3:30pm. Tutoring is in the IRC (the library). Students should sit down and start working on their homework, reading books and studying for tests. As they have questions they can either raise their hand or find a teacher. There is usually a teacher there from each subject area. There is no bus provided, students will need a ride home.
  5. Create a study schedule for homework and studying during the week and over the weekends. Designate a quiet place in your house where you can sit down without distractions like the TV, phone or Internet. No matter what class or level you are at, there is reading or studying or homework you can do at home. EVERY student should spend at a BARE MINIMUM 1 hour on homework every night.
  6. Use your planner to write down homework assignments and upcoming tests. I forgot is not a valid excuse.
  7. Get organized! Make sure you keep individual folders or binders for each of your classes. Keep your backpack, locker and folders tidy and organized. If you need help with this, ask your guidance counselor.
  8. Get involved! Join a club, play a sport, volunteer. Research shows that students that are involved in sports or school related extra curricular activities will often do better in school. You will also learn life skills that will benefit you throughout your future.
  9. COME TO SCHOOL! Attendance is one of the most important pieces of learning in a public school. If you aren’t here, the teacher’s can’t teach you anything. Students often fall behind and get in a rut when they miss too much school because they feel overwhelmed about getting caught back up.
  10. Remember it is YOUR LIFE and YOUR FUTURE. You must take control of your life and decide where you want to end up 10 or 20 years from now. Otherwise you will end up somewhere you don’t want to be and have no idea how you got there.
  11. Interfering circumstances – life is not easy. If there is things in your life that you feel are interfering with your ability to succeed in school, please seek out your guidance counselor to talk about these things and how we can help you.
  12. Remember to be grateful for the opportunity of a free public education. There are many people around the world who do not have the opportunity to go to school or learn.
  13. Remember it is NOT going to be easy! You will get discouraged. You will struggle. You will be challenged. But the people who are successful in life are the people who take a challenge head on and overcome it.


Algebra is an amazing resource in helping prepare our students for success in Algebra 1. It has tutorial videos that are student-friendly and the student can work at their own pace (pause, repeat, etc). There are “short versions” that are aimed at the average student and they are now posting “long versions” that are aimed at remedial students (it goes more step by step). This site will also help our students prepare for the EOC (it has “Test Yourself Tools” that are not only worded like the EOC, but also is set up on the computer so they can practice testing on the computer). There is also an “Algebra Wall” that is staffed with tutors and students from all over Florida. They can post a problem and ask for help OR they can help another student, which as we know will also help them! Algebra Nation can be accessed via a computer or any “SMART” device. There are free apps for smart phones.

  • Student’s must login to their account…the student’s username is: pasco###### (# = student number) and their password is their student login password.