College Recognition
College Recognition in the State of Florida is guaranteed by the Florida DOE.  All public colleges and universities must abide by the DOE Articulation Coordinating Committees credit by examination guidlines.


Florida Public College Credit by Examination Guidelines can be found on the Florida DOE website located here: – Scroll down to find CAMBRIDGE AICE (British AS-Level and A-Level) Information.

College Recognition outside of the State of Florida and at Private schools within the State can be determined by using the University of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) recognition Search tool located here:

2014 State University System Admissions Matrix

If the school for which you intend to apply is not listed, please send an email to Mrs. Samantha Del Valle  so that she can forward the information to the University of Cambridge’s College recognition specialists to find out more information.

Cambridge USA Recognition: Universities are speaking out on how prepared students that come from the AICE program are when they enter college. View the video of FSU, DUKE, University of Washington, MIT, and others as they share their opinions on the AICE program:


University Course Equivalents

The Florida Department of Education has established credit course equivalencies for AICE, AP and IB programs.  The Statewide Articulation Manual provides a detailed description of all those agreements. The CREDIT-BY-EXAM EQUIVALENCIES report outlines the credit equivalencies that should be rewarded for successful completion of these exams. Listed below are links to the individual “credit by examination” policies of several Florida universities: