What do I have to do to earn a FLDOE Cambridge Diploma?

Students who maintain a 2.0000 or higher unweighted cumulative GPA, meet all the State of Florida’s assessment requirements, earn 24 credits under the following graduation plan, and complete specific AICE curriculum coursework including a successful score on AICE exams, are eligible to earn an AICE Diploma in addition to Florida’s Standard Diploma.

AICE Graduation Plan: 

8 Elective Credits

4 English Credits

4 Mathematics Credits

3 Science Credits

3 Social Studies Credits

2 World Languages Credits

AICE Diploma requirements do not include the following Standard Diploma credit requirements:

·       Online Course

·       Economics with Financial Literacy

·       U.S. Government

·       Fine Arts

·       Health Opportunities through Physical Education (HOPE)

An AICE Diploma satisfies the requirements of a Standard Diploma (contact school counselors at Pasco High School for AICE curriculum details).

Students who exit the Cambridge program must meet all state of Florida graduation requirements in order to earn a Standard Diploma.

Students who attend a Cambridge school through the School Choice process must enroll at their zoned high school if they are exited from the Cambridge program. Students may be exited for a variety of reasons including lack of academic performance. Exited students may still apply to attend a high school other than their zoned school through the School Choice process.

AICE students may earn the Standard Diploma with a Scholar and/or Merit designation by meeting additional requirements as outlined in section V-D,8.


What do I have to do to earn a CIE AICE Diploma?

Throughout high school, students must pass seven credits worth of AS or A Level examinations in order to earn the Cambridge International AICE Diploma.  At least one examination must come from Global Perspectives and one of each of the three subject groups:  Mathematics & Sciences, Languages, and Arts & Humanities. Advanced Subsidiary (AS) Level exams count for one credit and Advanced (A) Level exams count for two credits.  Advanced (A) Level syllabuses and exams cover approximately two years of college-level curriculum in a subject, while the Advanced Subsidiary (AS) Level syllabus and exam covers the first year of the two-year Advanced (A) Level curriculum.

2016 AICE DIPLOMA Tracking Sheet – Click to open the AICE diploma tracking sheet in a word document.